Chain driven undercarriage

If you are looking for a chain driven undercarriage – we are the right contact for you!

With us, you will find multifunctional tracked undercarriages that can easily withstand loads from 300 kilograms to 400.000 tonnes. Depending on the requirements the tracked undercarriages have to meet, we have chain driven undercarriages with replaceable rubber or steel tracks in our assortment.

We offer chain driven undercarriages with different characteristics. These include a relatively low ground pressure as well as a 360° turning capability and a good off-road capability on almost any terrain. We also offer you the right drive for special applications. These include, for example, high-speed tracked undercarriages or extendable tracked undercarriages. As a result of the use of high-quality components and the optimisation of the interaction between them, the chain driven undercarriages we offer are characterised in particular by their low wear and a high level of comfort. We are also happy to provide customised undercarriage solutions on request. Simply contact us via the contact form, e-mail, telephone or Whatsapp.

Rubber tracked undercarriages

Chain driven undercarriages with rubber tracks basically offer low ground pressure, which means they can be used on almost any terrain. Rubber tracks are often used where the ground needs to be protected.
We offer track units with standardised rubber track models – on request, it is also possible to equip a track unit with individually specific rubber tracks of your choice. We will be happy to support you in ensuring that you receive the right undercarriage for your application from us.

Steel tracked undercarriages

Chain driven undercarriages with steel tracks are used wherever a high load is given and a corresponding high traction is required. They are used, for example, on grounds with coarse pebbles. Steel tracked undercarriages are also usually used for loads of more than 15 tonnes. This makes them versatile, even if the work equipment is heavier. For example, larger bulldozers are also equipped with steel tracked undercarriages. The possibilities for the use of chain driven undercarriages with steel tracks are manifold and are often the right solution for a wide range of applications.

Extendable tracked undercarriages

Extendable chain driven undercarriages are useful, among other things, when the undercarriage must not exceed a certain width. This can be the case, for example, in narrow passages, such as those found in warehouses or on construction sites. Extendable tracked undercarriages are also used for additional stability. The fields of application of application are diverse and at the same time they offer enormous advantages in many sectors, whether for reasons of safety or space. With us you will find the right extendable chain driven undercarriage you need.

High speed tracked undercarriages

A particularly efficient solution is provided by high speed chain driven undercarriages. They are used wherever the tracked vehicle is moved frequently – alternatively intended for longer distances. With our high speed crawler tracked undercarriages, you can achieve a speed of up to 25 kilometres per hour. This makes them suitable for these applications in the construction industry.
Such tracked undercarriages can also be used in other sectors of industry. For example, they are also used in production in order to shorten the time frame of unavoidable distances with regard to the provision of individual components.
You can find high speed chain driven undercarriages in various designs with us.

Custom-made tracked undercarriages

Do you need a custom-made chain driven undercarriage for your application? We would be happy to provide you with an individual offer and have the desired undercarriage made to measure by our suppliers. Simply contact us by phone, Whatsapp, e-mail or via our contact form. We will be happy to assist you and are open to individual enquiries!