Rubber tracks for mini-excavators and excavators

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We offer high-quality rubber tracks with high rubber track strength and resistance. The carcass of the rubber tracks is made up of high-strength chain links, which are given additional fixation by endlessly wound steel cables. In combination with the rubber compound, this results in the high durability of our chains. Thus, we can provide you with first-class rubber chains that bring with them a number of advantages.

Rubber tracks have the great advantage that they are much lighter and develop a lower noise level compared to steel tracks. In addition, rubber tracks are significantly more gentle on the ground. This means they can also be used on sensitive surfaces, for example in warehouses. With the right rubber tracks, a wide range of requirements can be met.

Conventional rubber tracks with only vulcanised chain links are usually low-priced models. Such excavator chains are often characterised by a shorter service life, which is due to a comparatively lower resistance and rubber chain thickness. Under certain circumstances, this can make it difficult to use a construction machine mounted with such rubber tracks over a longer period of time.

Our rubber tracks offer up to 40 percent longer life. In addition, the tracks in our range are suitable even for construction machines used on terrain that is difficult to drive on. With the aim of increasing the driving safety of rubber track-driven vehicles on any type of ground, the profile of the tracks has been revised. In addition, the inner running surface of the rubber tracks has been improved to counteract any vibrations.