Tips for maintenance and service

In order to achieve the highest possible life cycle of a final drive, there are important issues to consider.

When installing a new final drive, we basically recommend changing all filters in the hydraulic circuit in addition to the hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil should be free of impurities such as metal particles. It must also be ensured that no dirt particles enter the hydraulic circuit during installation of the traction motor.

In addition, the specific hydraulic and transmission oil should be used. The recommended specification for the oils comes from the manufacturers of the final drives. Furthermore the service intervals for changing the hydraulic oil, the filters in the hydraulic circuit and the transmission oil should be observed in order to maximise the service life of the traction motor.

Tip: Our sortiment includes final drives, that do not require a change of the gear oil. These travel drives are equipped with a special Longlife gear oil.

Detailed information can be found in the assembly instructions that we provide.

The final drives that you receive from us are already filled with the respective quantity of the specific gear oil.

When checking the filling level, draining the gear oil and filling the traction motor with the specific gear oil, make sure that the screw for draining the gear oil is located at the lowest point on the final drives that are intended for this purpose.

Note: We have final drives in our sortiment, where only one screw connection is used to check the filling level and to fill the traction motor with the specified gear oil.

However, in a majority of the final drives we offer, there are two screw connections for these two process steps.

In most cases, the screw connection for draining the gear oil is seperate for final drives where a gear oil change is planned.

Detailed information on this, including illustrations, can be found in the assembly instructions that you will receive from us.