Market leader as business partner

We at BME BauMaschinen Ersatzteile consistently pursue the goal of offering our customers a convincing overall package.

In our opinion, it is essential to have high-quality products in our range. For this reason, we have decided – among other things with regard to the product family of final drives – to enter into business partnerships with internationally successful companies that can demonstrate many years of expertise in dealing with hydraulic systems and their components. Our partner companies are considered specialists, especially when it comes to integrating hydraulic modules in the hydraulic circuit.

In addition to the quality products we offer, we focus on first-class service to our customers. This includes, among other things, extensive consultation based on comprehensive expertise and professional competence. We are at your side and will be happy to help you find the right final drive for your chain-driven vehicle based on the specifications.

We are the right contact for you even in the case of comprehensive applications in which the final drives we offer are intended as well as for special questions. To support you in this, we can draw on the experience of our partner companies in addition to the know-how we have gathered.